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We believe in community-led democratic participation
in Africa.

About us
About us

The MediaComms Mission

To redefine and improve in context and portrayal, the experiences of communities by equipping them with a voice and capacity for inclusive and accountable governance; to partner with local and international stakeholders in bringing these aspirations and experiences of the community to actionable outcomes.

We are the community, we are its voice, we are the call to action, we are the streets, we are the debates, we are the unrests, we are true picture, we are the underlying factors, we are the very change, we seek. This the quest MediaComms seeks to fulfill.


Who we are

In today's world, where the global village syndrome has taken centre stage, there still exist voices that are neglected and continuously ill portrayed.

MediaComms is a group of collaborators, volunteers and participants who are choosing to see beyond the gaps, the statistics and the establishments to touch the very people that make up our diverse but significant communities; to mirror their experiences and bolster their expressions for inclusive democratic participation in Nigeria and Africa at large.

We are a non-profit agency established primarily to improve the capacity of the community to speak for itself, addressing stakeholders, changing narratives, and influencing policies via community-based, responsive and inclusive media participation.

We are instituting a learning model that presents every youth and other stakeholders from relevant age brackets as potential community reporters, ambassadors, gatekeepers and purveyors of community narratives that engender, peace, progress and affirmative action.

What We Do

Over the decades, the gap in communities' capacity to express their experiences, and grievances at the grassroots level has unfortunately expanded. The social disconnect is quite alarming, considering these stakeholders form the bulk of modern society, especially within the Nigerian polity. They form the living numbers on all election dates; Women, men and young people year in year out having expectations in administrations and systems that fail them consistently because for so long, these communities have been without a unified platform and voice to demand accountability and quality governance from their political officeholders.

Communities have been kept in the dark and trapped by the weapons of illiteracy, poverty and religious bias by ill-meaning leaders and stakeholders who seek only personal interests at the expense of their immediate and larger constituents. These communities can help to build a more inclusive society when they are empowered and equipped to use their voice creatively and responsibly for democratic participation in governance and overall advancement of their wellbeing.

Our Approach
" The wellbeing of communities is often under-represented in governance, and their conditions largely underreported in the mainstream media. "
Build 1,000,000 active citizens journalists and 100 well-trained practising Community Journalists by the end of 2022. Be a community of active proponents for dispelling fake news and divisive agendas To create a capable team of gatekeepers that can proactively truncate all forms of propaganda To educate and empower the community as a collective voice for inclusive and participatory governance


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